Wednesday, May 9, 2018

today is a good example of how the smoke from downstairs is degrading my quality of life.

i woke up late in the evening, meaning i should have been able to stay awake until the afternoon, at least. but, she started blazing at 7:00, and i was passed out like a rock by 8:00 - and not able to molve again until after 2:00.

i wanted to hit my blood test this morning; i even fasted overnight for it. instead, i wasted the day sleeping.

i wanted to get my estrogen tested, but then i got high.

...even though, i'm of course not actually getting high, i'm just getting a headache and falling asleep.


i ended up leaving in a dirty rush - uncombed hair, unshaved face. like, just gross looking. but, i forgot my sheet, so i had to go back home.

i guess i'll have to try again tomorrow.

i got up to the end of january done last night and i'm going to try and push through a little further tonight.

i need to start looking for a new apartment on monday at the latest.