Sunday, May 13, 2018

so, i haven't moved since friday night, except to sleep in short shifts, naps, and to get up to eat, or use the washroom. i took a junk food run last night...

i'm through the first half of march, which closes season 4 and takes me into the start of season 5. the music vlog picks back up again in mid june, so i'm down to three months to fill the gap. and, the period one discs start closing in early july.

the air quality has actually been alright over the last 24 hours. i'm not sure exactly what the reason for this is, but it might have to do with the fact that the heat came back on. she seems to have made eggs last night and then stopped. i'm not expecting the situation to last.

that said., if it were to stay exactly like this, it would be fine. and i'm still not excited about moving...

i haven't given a technical notice to move yet, but i'm still planning on starting to look on wednesday. i'm going to need a very lengthy period of clear air to have me change my mind, at this point.

i don't know exactly what the market looks like right now.