Monday, May 7, 2018

how's the smoke situation?

for a few days, it seemed like the "medical" user below me & the tobacco smokestack outside my window had become hard and fast friends, sitting outside and smoking together and bonding over their shared love of constant inebriation. that made it impossible to open the window, but seemed to keep the smoke outside of the unit, reducing the environmental problem solely to the a/c.

but, this relationship does not appear to have lasted; their dogs appear to have ended up fighting, and the 'medical' user is now back inside.

worse, she may now have anxiety about smoking outside because she's afraid of the neighbour.


again: it's probably better that this happened sooner. i was worried that i might withdraw, only to have the situation immediately reverse.

but, i shouldn't be surprised that they couldn't stay friends for more than a few days, should i?

i got my rescheduling request in this morning. i'll call tomorrow to request a response.