Friday, May 4, 2018

fwiw, this apartment is full of broken and obsolete electronics that have virtually no resale value.

broken synthesizers, broken laptops, cheap guitars, a 15 year old pc with windows xp on it - it's not worth it.

the most valuable item in here is actually the couch.

i have no substantive income. i just buy a lot of things at pawn shops. it looks like a lot of expensive gear, but it isn't - it's a lot of hand me downs, a lot of legacy items bought on the cheap, stuff bought at pawn shops or garage sales and a lot of broken equipment waiting to be fixed.

you'd be lucky to get $500 from all of it, combined.


the premise of a disabled person with an apartment full of expensive gear doesn't make sense; it doesn't make sense because it isn't true.

i'll point this out, though: you save a lot of money when you spend most of your life sober. you could no doubt buy some shiny things with all the money you literally burned away on drugs.