Tuesday, April 10, 2018

the pothead appears to be basically retarded. i don't know what she was like before they prescribed this to her, but she doesn't appear to be mentally capable of comprehending the situation, as it is. she's forty-something years old, but she's mentally comparable to a fourteen year old child.

the only response anybody is going to get out of her is going to be something like "so what if i smoke", "it's ok if i smoke", "i have a card", "i'm allowed to smoke", etc.

the only thing she's going to understand is her own behaviour. she's going to be convinced everybody is judging her, that the issue at hand is the morality of her own behaviour, etc.

she's never going to understand the premise of her behaviour affecting others. this is just too abstract, too complicated.

so, it's maybe unfair of me to call her selfish; she's not capable of understanding this, no doubt as a consequence of the drug use.

if they could detox her and send her to rehab, she might get better after a few weeks and be able to get her head around it. right now? this is pointless. it's just beyond her mental capabilities.