Wednesday, April 11, 2018

so, how did we end up with this joke of an idea - this "medicinal marijuana" crock of shit?

it's a legal loophole. it's not science; there's no science upholding this, and plenty debunking it.

the reality is that it's hard to legalize pot, because of the international drug laws around it. that's ultimately the reason i don't expect it to happen here at all. so, you get around that by calling it a medicine and letting a doctor prescribe it.

but, smart people can see through this, and can see that the whole charade has done more to damage the medical profession than it has to legitimize the marijuana industry.

the right answer is to deregulate it like alcohol (it's harmless, in moderation.), to treat potheads like alcoholics (they need help.) and to stop selling it like snake oil.

and, for fuck's sake, don't smoke in the goddamned house.